‘Turn Away’ Wreath

20180221_232807This project was probably one of the most fun projects that I’ve made recently and if you know me, I am always working on something. The back story to this project is actually kind of comical because I asked my boyfriend for advice on a certain part and the response he gave me was what we ended up with.

For this project you will need:

  • a twig wreath (I found mine at the DAV for $3.99 SCORE!)
  • your favorite FAKE flowers (Try to match colors and types to the theme you want to make)
  • hot glue gun
  • white paint and paint brush
  • twine (any size)
  • flat wood that reaches from one side of the wreath to the other depending on where you want to place it
  • fishing line
  • a flat surface to work on

First I want you to set your plain wreath on your flat surface with the side that you want to place the flowers on closest to you. Place your wood on top of the wreath how you want it to be for the final product. This is so that when you place your flowers you don’t accidentally cover where you want your wood.

Next go ahead and place your flowers in the wreath how you want them to look. Feel free to get creative and put different sizes and colors next to each other. The goal with mine was to make it look as though a spring bouquet straight from the florist was used. I think I did pretty good with it (;

Once you have your flowers all laid out go ahead and take them all off and place them next to your wreath in the order you have them placed. Start gluing them down ONE BY ONE. This part is a lot of fun because after you get done gluing you can always add things in areas that have blank spots. You can also add more around the sides as well since the glue will hold them in place as opposed to just gravity like before.

Now that you have all of your flowers placed and glued it is time to work on your sign. What you paint on your sign is totally up to you but don’t be afraid to go a little crazy. My boyfriend told me that I should right ‘Fuck Off’ but with a soon to be 5 year old learning how to read, I decided against it. Feel free to use whatever script you like and make it as bold as you want. Set it aside and let it dry!

Once your board dries it is time to decorate with twine and attach it to your wreath. I did this by wrapping my twine on one end repeatedly to give it a layered/rustic look. Tie it off with a bow on just the one end and then repeat on the other side. You also have the option of tying it off and just gluing a twine bow on if you don’t like the look/placement of your bow. After you have both ends of the board decorated with your twine go ahead and place the board back on the wreath where you want to secure it. Cut two lengths of the fishing line (about 12 inches each) and lay it across the board next to each of the wrapped twine. Weave each end of the line thru the wreath and tie together on the back to secure the wood to the twigs. If it does not feel secure enough to you, you can always hit it with some glue as well.

Now it’s time to hang your wreath from your door and display it proudly(:


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