You are not a true Cajun unless you’ve had Gumbo. When Gumbo was first created there wasn’t a special recipe to create it since it was first made by the poor. To make Gumbo back in those days you just threw whatever you had (chicken, sausage, waterfowl, etc.) into a big pot with a couple seasonings and cooked it for a few hours. The outcome was always different but true Cajuns could always make it delicious. I grew up on Gumbo and always loved the idea of mixing a bunch of single items together to create one big pot of greatness and that idea is where this blog grew from.

I’m a 25 year old “single” mom that has been through a lot in my short amount of years. I write about advice from my “Gumbo pot” aka my family. I was told once that I should be a therapist but let’s be honest.. I don’t have the attention span to finish that schooling. So I did the next best thing and started a blog with things I get asked and my responses for them. Yes, the stories and questions are real. No, the names are not. I take my real life experiences and give you guys advice on how to handle your own. I don’t know everything but I learn something new every day.

I have a little girl that looks up to me and a live-in boyfriend that loves us both more than we could’ve ever imagined. I work full time as a 911 dispatcher and part time as a culinary specialist for my small army at home. The things that you read on this blog will vary from topic to topic but will always revolve around one thing, FAMILY. If you happen to like this blog, share it with your friends! There is always someone out there that can relate to it. Thanks for reading this much so far. I hope I don’t disappoint!

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