First [EVER] Family Vacation

It all started out as a normal day on Thursday the 25th of January until my boyfriend sent me a text telling me to pack an overnight bag for myself and my daughter and prepare the pets for an overnight stay at their Grandma’s house. Naturally I’m thinking ‘Okay, why?’. Little did I know that the question of why would go unanswered until the next day half way through our trip. Michael did not help my anxiety at all by refusing to tell me why but his intentions were sweet.

We were supposed to go on a hike the next day but we ended up having to cancel due toSnapchat-881504544 Snapchat-1447415466no baby sitter so the fact that he still had plans to go out of town with me was something new. Especially since whatever it was he had planned was apparently kid friendly now. So I do the dutiful thing and pack the bags, get the kennels together, and prepare the house for 24 hours of vacancy. Michael gets home from work the next day and we head out. 2 hours into the drive he finally tells me that we are going to St. Louis but still won’t tell me where. We eventually pulled up to the zoo and I finally relaxed a little bit. The weather was perfect so we walked around the zoo for a couple hours before getting back on the road en-route to our next destination. Skylar was having a blast and Michael was making my heart melt all over again with how interactive he was with her. We stopped by the gift shop on the way out and he bought her a cheetah that she still carries around everywhere to this day. It was a good zoo trip.

After walking around the zoo we headed to the City Museum. I had seen pictures of it butSnapchat-2077340111Snapchat-1799881977 nothing could prepare me for the amount of beauty that I found there. It was all metal and hard lines but delicately beautiful. Skylar and Michael were both having the time of their lives climbing in and out of the structures. This Mamma is terrified of heights unless it’s a roller coaster so any smiles that I wore that day was strictly for them. Michael was so patient with Skylar when it came to some of the obstacles. “You are brave, you are strong, you can do this” was our mantra for the day and thankfully it has stuck since. The day was glorious.

After that we headed back to a hotel that just so happened to be located right next to the arch. It was perfect. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and hit the hay from exhaustion. The next day we headed back home a little sore and bruised but the bond that we acquired can never be replaced. What started out as a surprise trip turned into our first family vacation that I couldn’t forget if you paid me to. All in all it was a great 24 hours.



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