Dating in 2017

It’s no secret that dating in the present day is different than going steady in the time of our grandparents. Back then the goal was marriage and now it’s not so common. Most people are too scared of commitment due to the broken homes and examples of our parents but does that mean that we should sacrifice our chance of happiness? Call me a sucker but I fully believe in love and the ability to have a “together” home.

One of our greatest downfalls in today’s society is the power of social media. It’s ironic that social media is what I’m using to get my message out there right? Wrong. I am simply using the beast against itself to become victorious. Or in this case just to help at least one person in this crazy thing we call life. But I digress..

Below is a series of valid points on how today’s dating world is different than what it used to be. Feel free to comment, like, and share this post! I hope you enjoy..

  1. Talk the talk. In today’s world there are multiple forms of communication out there available in order to talk with potential suitors. You can text, snap, DM, comment, tweet, etc. all day long with someone without having to put in really any effort. Some would say that this is ideal for their situations but for me, I’m old fashioned. I want actual PHONE CALLS or face to face conversations. You can’t judge someone’s reaction to things you’ve said through a text message. You can’t hear the emotion in their voice when they talk about their dreams. Technology has put a bland flavoring on dating and caused the experience to lose it’s zest. Less tech, more talk please!
  2. Courting? What’s that? Going on a date? Grab some flowers. Thinking of your beau? Write him a cute note. Some people believe that once you’ve made your intentions towards your cutie pie known that you don’t need to constantly try to impress them. You’ve been on the first date and did your “duties” (flowers, compliments, etc.) so there is no need to continue with it right? WRONG. Correct me if I’m wrong ladies but random flowers on a crappy day ALWAYS make the day great no matter what happened. In today’s world there is no more courting. Yes, the technical definition of courting can be summed up in no physical contact and no one-on-one time but it’s not those aspects that I want but more of the effort that is required. You would want to make a good impression on the family so you were on your best behavior. You would do thoughtful things for your potential mate rather than what you think will get you laid. BRING IT BACK!
  3. Independent females don’t need no man. Back in the day it was considered disrespectful to have your date come out to your car and not meet them at the door. It was disrespectful if your date opened the door to the restaurant or her car door. It is now weird if on your first date a guy comes to your door. It is weird if the door gets held for you. Today’s society is so “hands off” when it comes to dating that it makes me dread it. Now a days though? We have to be independent females who don’t need no man! We can drive our own cars to the date. We can open our own doors. We can pay for our own meal. I get it okay? You are self sufficient. Kudos. But have you ever considered what it feels like to be cherished? When a man cares deeply for you he will want to do these things. Not because he thinks you can’t do them yourself but because he wants to show you RESPECT. Since the beginning of time it has been ingrained in men’s DNA to take care of his woman. So let it happen! Quit bitchin’ and let him do the little things in life to show that he cares.
  4. Ghostin’ it homie. Everyone in the history of dating has either cancelled a date or been cancelled on, that is no exaggeration. What most people fail to tell you is how many people they’ve “ghosted” or had go “ghost” on them. Ghost is a fairly new term used today to signify ignoring someone or being ignored. When there is any type on conflict in the relationship or someone learns of one of your quirks and can’t hang they go “ghost”. No calls, no texts, no contact at all. Personally I feel this is very disrespectful. If you don’t want to be with someone there is definitely no shame in that but TELL THAT PERSON. Don’t just go ghost and leave them wondering. It’s also popular now days to not follow thru on what you said. If you set up a date, go. If you told them you’d call them later, call. It’s not that hard to be accountable for your words and it seems in today’s day and age that it’s acceptable to be a flake. Not to me. It’s never okay so be a flake. Especially a SNOW FLAKE. hahaha
  5.  Ready, Set.. ACTION! Actions speak louder than words. Let me say it for those in the back.. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! In a world full of technology it is increasingly easy to send a text or message and tell someone you miss them or you’re thinking of them but that’s not enough. As in the first sentence of this section I stated that actions speak louder than words and that could not be more true. You miss me? Prove it. Take me on a date or just come spend time with me at home. You’re thinking about me in the middle of the work day? Give me a call or meet me for lunch somewhere. It is not enough to just tell people things, you have to actually do what you say. Don’t tell me that you want to see me in an expensive dress all dolled up but never give me the opportunity. Don’t tell me you miss me and then cancel plans we had or not make any effort to actually see me. Actions, people. Actions.

So there is my take on dating now vs dating back in the “good ole days”. Like it, share it, and don’t forget to comment! See you guys next time!

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