Welcome to my page! In this page you will find a little bit of everything. If you look above this post you will see buttons for recipes, advice, DIY projects, and much much more! I hope you enjoy. And yes, I have made every single recipe in that tab and tweaked them to make them delicious. Along with the recipes you will also get a little back story of when I made them the first time or reactions from my family. Feel free to share with your friends on Facebook or anywhere else you want!

This page has always been a dream of mine and I am glad to say that I’m slowly making it a reality. To learn more about me go to the About section of this blog or feel free to get in touch with me on Contact.Snapchat-1776466153

If you don’t enjoy seeing random pictures of my family and my pets, than this blog probably isn’t something for you. If you enjoy a good “Mom” blog that talks about raising kids and feeding husbands in our time and age than keep reading(:

I refuse to filter my writing so be prepared to run across a curse word or two.. Hell, who am I kidding? There is at least one curse word in each post.

So please enjoy and SHARE your opinions and thoughts in the comment sections at the end of each post. Have a great day and blog on!(: